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The social Process of Interpersonal evaluation

There are certain forces acting in any situation where one which B has learned in his own social experience. Thus a judged according to critora, which B has learned. in his own social experience. Thus a teacher might be rated highly by her hoad teacher because of the sobriety or her dress, but be coolly received by her girls pupils because she is dowdy, or the reverse a teacher rejected for appointment in one school because she was too dressy might be great success in another the girls feels she take care or her appearance. The controversy on streaming is basically one in which presumed organizational consequences are set against presumed personality consequences Unfortunately, they are presumed rather than known consequences, because the research on both sides of the organizational efficiency of streaming. On the other hand the weight of research evidence tends to arque that the consequences of streaming for the self - concept and hence for the ability of thechild are deleterious for those designated low and average achievers. On these grounds the department of education and science decided to and the most conclusive kind of streaming in the educational system – that or streaming by schools.