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Adaptation to education

Previous sections have put together a model of the school as social process in which all members are constantly evaluating each others actions and modifying their behavior accordingly Such a model has been chosen because it provides a their behavior accordingly. Such a model has been chosen because it provides a link two other models – taht a formal structure and that of self – concept development. We are now in a position to put them together so as to provide a picture of the school. which recognizes that they are just different ways of describing the same thing. The structure of social establishment is formed by regular patterns of behavior relating to anormative order of explicit (or formal ) and unwritten laws. Tehse in turn, contain the assumptions about what is good in both the moral and the efficiency sense, members of the social establishment. inevitable find them solves playing the games of social interaction on terms, which have developed in it, This is true oven when they are dissatisfied with their own treatment. Within the school system ideas about intellectual behavior must be understood as a function of social process. Exhibited thinking skills cannot be understood apart form the social context, and explanations of how they have developed must normally look to previous experience. Explicit and implicit evaluation a permanent aspect of all interaction is an underlying process which supports the more obvious structure of decisions about teachers and pupils. As we will see in chapter 5 the outcome of this process is related to the system of stratification in the wider society . Swift (1966) for example found that the children of middle class system.

Cultural clash at the latent level occults when the cognitive cathetic and evaluative requirements of the social group within which the individual was socialized are not constant with those of the school group into which he is moving. To the extent that this clash occurs, adaptation of the individual to the new situation is obstructed. This can happen regardless of the desire to adpat on the part of the individual concerned. The working boy with good intention and parental backing whom Just hasn’t got it is a common enough phonomenon in the grammar school the clash is not a single experience like an examination.