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Education in a social establishment

A social establishment is any place surrounded by fixed barriers of perception in which a particulars kinds of activity regularly take place we have suggested that any social establishment may be studied profitable form the point of view of impressions management. within the wall of social establishment we find a team of perfomers who co-operate to present to an audience a given definition of the situation. This will indlude the conception of own team and of audience and assumptions concerning the ethos that is to be maintained by rules of politeness indecorum. We often find a division in to back region, where the performance of a routine is prepared and front region, where the performance is presented. Access to these regions is controlled in order to prevent outsiders from coming in to a performance that is not addressed to them. Among members of the team we fin that familiarity prevails, solidarity is likely to develop and that secrets that could give the show away are shared and kept ( Goth man) 1959 P-238). In order to carry out its function of inculcating the commitments and capacities for adult life the institution of education is forced constantly to evaluate the extent to which its clients are reaching the required standers, Untlike in the economy where the standard or numbers of goods in measured, the product is people. We can use this fact to justify the following description of the school which will help to explain the social process and their consequences for individual.