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Development of Migration

Development is viewed as a gradual unfolding and a gradual advance or growth through progressive changes. Mittleman observes development as ‘the increasing capacity to make rational use of natural and human resources for social ends (Mittleman1988:22). However, Baran reminds that development means ‘a far reaching transformation of society’s economic, social and political structure, of the dominant organization of production, distribution and consumption’ and that it ‘has never been a smooth, harmonious process unfolding placidity over time and space (Baran1957:3). Rodney correctly tells that development is a many sided process, implying for the individual ‘increased skill and capacity, greater freedom, creativity, self-discipline, responsibility, and material well-being (Rodney 1974:3).All these definitions suggest that development is a multi-faceted process, involving political, economic, social, and cultural dimensions at the level of individual and society as a whole. The concept can be delineated clearly as follows:[1]

[1] Ronald H. Chilcote,’Development’ in Mary Hwkesworth and Maurice Kogan(eds), ‘Encyclopedia of Government and Politics’,(Routledge, London,1992),vol.1,p.617