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Western Capitalism and Christianity

Max Weber, one of the leading sociologists has discovered deep connection between Christianity and capitalism. “He believed that the Protestant ethic of Calvinism most clearly expressed the origins of the spirit of capitalism.”[1]
He argued that, Protestant Ethic, Calvinism and Puritanism give birth to the modern day capitalism.
He explained hard and continuous labor as the basic component of capitalism. Stephen Kalberg explain it as, “one’s energy to perform hard and continuous labor in a vocational calling must come ultimately from intense and sincere belief, and such belief originated from the favoring hand of an omnipotent God.” [2] Moreover, “Weber is convinced that the spirit of capitalism accelerated, albeit in nonquantifiable terms, the growth of modern capitalism.”[3]

On the other hand, many Christians believe that Christianity is existed in their faith not in work. They oppose the relations of Christianity and capitalism. More importantly although capitalism has its root in Christianity, present capitalism has hardly any link with Christianity. It is claimed as the most successful economic system of modern world and eligible to be applied in every part of the world regardless of its religio-cultural origin.

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