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Innocent Crime Victimization of Bangladesh

The incidents where the victims of the event have no relation to the event beforehand but are fallen victims of the events suddenly occurred are known as innocent victimization. Events of natural catastrophe, political insurgency, war, mass violence, communal riots, etc. cause such victimization. Such victims may have cost nearest and dearest ones to survive with. On the other hand, from the view-point of radical criminology, when any state as the ultimate guardian can not make sure the basic social security of its people, then this type of events usually takes place as defective system of the society.
Moreover, state is the defaulter here as it is not able to provide the basic safety to life to the victim. For example, when any event of unnatural death takes place in our country, the dead body can’t be instantly sent for its funeral. Before that, the spectators are to inform the Police Station and note a Diary, and then the police come to spot and take steps for the disposal. Here, police is the devoted agency of the government for looking after the events, as the state is the guardian of all people. Road accident, unnatural death, etc. are the highlighted area of such events.