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The motivation of Jihad and Extremism

Since September 11, Islam as a religion is now frequently discussed. It is conceived as a violent religion by non Muslims. To discuss this issue whether Islam is violent we need to discuss another term of this religion- ‘Jihad’, a commonly used term in present world especially after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Most of the time, General Muslims are not familiar with the profound meaning of jihad.
For the non-Muslims jihad is only a violent instrument of political Islam. Broader explanation of jihad has not been provided by any scholarly organizations. It is rather defined by diverse individuals and authorities. The term is interpreted, reinterpreted and misinterpreted due to facilitate special purposes of specific groups. Among different types of interpretations non-Muslims receive a violent meaning of jihad due to some experiences of previous years. However, to understand whether current situation of Muslim world is reflecting the phobia or re-emergence, we need to have an elaborate explanation about what jihad actually is and how it is being used.