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Dependency on Middle Eastern Oil Resources

Oil is vital to the economy of all industrial nations and absolutely essential to the United States. The Middle East, with half of the world’s oil reserve, continued to be the largest single sources of imported oil.Ensuring access to the regions oil is the major security priority for the United States. Estimates have shows that in the 1990s, the Countries of Western Europe used the three times as much energy per capita as those of the Global North and United States consumed nearly seven times as much. Most of the conventional oil resources are concentrated in five Middle Eastern countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran and Libya, which are able to manipulate this critical energy sources to the advantage end disadvantage of the oil exporting countries as they have done in the past.
The later three countries were classified as “rogue” state by President George H. W. Bush in 1991, and two of them were classified as part of the “axis of evil” by W. Bush in his State of the Union address in 2002. Among these three countries, the contending Iraqi government of Saddam Hossain has already been withdrawn; hard-hitting controversy is enduring between Iran and USA on the issue of neuclearization issue of Iran and from the very beginning of 2011 the US, France lead ‘The World Community’ with the mandate of United Nations endeavored to confiscate the Gaddafi Government and they are succeeded. These three countries are more imperative for the West because these countries have two third of the world’s proven oil reserves.