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Scope of social work

Development setting:
In development setting tries to develop the socio-economic condition of the poor people. They provide micro finance and training for the empowerment    of the women.

Child welfare service:
Main purposes are stopping child labor providing vocational training job based training and rehabilitation of illicit baby. Day care child care baby home and SOS children village provide services for the child of the society.

Generics field:
Generic welfare organization provides security and welfare program for the old people. Social worker can play role as a counselor for their mental freshness.

Community service:
Community service is the community based development program for the welfare of the community. Social workers provide service in micro finance and enhance the participation of the community people.

Hospital social service:
Hospital is a large sector for field practice. There is hospital social service department in govt. medical hospital. Social workers provide services for the patient like counseling, motivational support and instrumental services.

Psychiatric service:
In every mental hospital social worker can play role as a counselor and diagnosis disease beside doctor.

Human welfare agencies:
There are many human welfare organizations to the country. They render all types of facilities for the people who are acid victim, rape victim and violence against women.

Correctional field:
In correctional field like probation and parole, social worker can play role as a motivator, educator and counselor. So it is a great sector for field practice.