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Offender in Bangladesh

Generally speaking, an individual committing an offence is said to be an offender. The meaning of offender is based on cultural relativity, which comes to be accepted in the criminal sciences with respect to who is an offender. Again, within a given cultural context, the definitions of offender may vary in terms of social and legal context. It is better to define offender from social point of view because legal definition provides a narrower definition of wrongdoing. For instance, legally speaking, an offender is one who is proved as well as convicted by a court for violating the law of the land. A person who is arrested by the police but is left off by the court cannot be designated as an offender. An actual offender may get acquitted because of insufficiency of evidences, but he/she committed an offence. On the other hand, social definition covers all the acts which general people considers as bad in a given society.