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Relationship between Crime victim and Crime offender

Relationship between offender and victim plays important role in the commission of crime. In most cases, in 51,255 incidents (about 31.00%), we have found that the relationship between criminals and victims are as they were peer groups. It means that people who were familiar with them victimized most of the victims. Peer group includes friends, neighbors, colleagues, playmates, and the like. Peers can be the source of support as well as harassment. In Japan in many contexts, peers act together to humiliate, disgrace, torment a specific mate – a practice known in Japan as ijime.
This problem has received considerable attention in the form of crime in our country. It is likely that people work together with peer group as a social being. Because of demoralization as well as individualization, demoralized people take chance to gain personally even by victimizing their peers. The recent hot crime news found in media consists of the fact where a victim is victimized by his/her near and dear one, in other word, by their peers. In cases where peers act like victimizers, offenders may not be a professional one. They commit crime with the privileges of getting close relation to the victims. Thus from this dataset it may be said that most of the offenders are not professional. They commit crime occasionally.