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Islamic Revivalism the Issue of Iran

Iranian revolution to emerge as an Islamic republic under Ayatullah Ruhullah Khomini is another dimension of Islamic revivalism. The change in the ruling system, Iranian hostage crisis, Iraq-Iran war and ultimately the nuclearization programme make Iran an important concern for the prevailing power players. In earlier cold war period Shah’s Iran was a trusted ally and larger recipient of US provided aid. Scenario has changed with the change of regime in Iran.
Due to the strategic location, her control over some vital straits like Hormuz, Dardanelles and possession of enriched oil reserve Iran always gets special attention in the discussion of international relations. Recently concerning her nuclerization programme sanction and counter sanction are imposed by the west and Iran. The Arab Spring is thought as the means of establishing dominance by Iran over the Middle East. In post Arab Spring period this has become a burning talk whether Iran will grow to be influential over the Middle East region including Israel. US as a declining hegemony fears Iran’s potential of developing as a regional hegemony.
According to Adam Garfinkle,
While the balance of power may favor the United States over Iran…the balance of interests favors Iran… The United States cannot keep Iran out of the region because it is, by nature defined historically, culturally and geographically already in the region. Its relative power is less, but its level of determination to prevail is greater .[1]

That’s why U.S. and Israel give special attention in Iranian affairs. The role of Iran in international power politics is important in the dialogue of Islam’s political re-emergence, because politics and religion are indivisible in Islamic Republic of Iran. Furthermore, Iran is believed as a symbol of successful Islamic republic in modern world by the believers of Islam and respected by statesmen who are loyal to Islamic attributes and sentiment. Debate on the uranium enrichment issue with the greater powers increases her weight in diplomatic bargaining table. In reality, Iran as a country endeavors to function as the pioneer of the reestablishment and reinforcement of political Islam.

[1] Adam Garfinkle, “Redefining U.S. Interests in the Middle East,” Foreign Policy Research Institute, Middle East papers:: Middle East Strategy at Harvard, no.4 (October 2008), http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/mesh/files/2008/10/interests_garfinkle.pdf(accessed April 15, 2012 ).