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CSW in Pakistan and NGOs

SheedSociety.org was a tiny NGO when first founded by Lubna Tayyab in 1995. Sheed was established to address the lack of education and to create HIV/AIDS awareness among the prostitutes and their children living shunned and oppressed in Pakistan. We are a small but highly efficient community-based organization addressing the social problems faced in particular by the local female sex workers and their children who suffer from oppression, poverty, illiteracy and abuse. Many children are the first in their families to become literate and may be the first to find a job outside of the sex trade. (https://www.givology.org/~ssociety/
Sheed Society strive to strengthen Health, Education, Environment in The community ,the Red Light Area of Lahore, Pakistan since 1995(http://sheedsociety.org/Projects.html) .
Education / Apni Taleem Project:
A three-year project “ Apni Taleem” for children of sex workers with financial assistance of Group Development and European Commission. This project is focusing on child protection and child education and prevention of sexual abuse against children of sex workers. Through this project two non-formals schools have been established where 80 children are enrolled.
  • Non formal education for children of sex workers in our two schools.
  • Outreach and Peer education of child rights & protection, hygiene, health and child education.
  • Tuition and homework support for those children whom have graduated and integrated into the general formal education system.
  • Health clinic with a male and a lady doctor for provision of health facilities for sex workers and their families.
  • STD & HIV/AIDS Workshops for female sex workers and male stakeholders.
  • Diagnostic Laboratory
 Apni Sehat Project:
It is a three-year project funded by Embassy of Finland and is being implemented for female sex workers in Red Light Area Lahore. Project has specific focus to raise awareness among sex workers regarding STIs and HIV& AIDS and its prevention. Through this project well-trained peer educators have regular contact with sex workers and educate them for safer sex practices and prevention from STIs and HIV infection. For treatment of STIs and general diseases a male and lady doctor based clinic has been established in red light area to provide services to sex workers at very subsidize rates.[cited at:Feb 15] available at:http://sheedsociety.org/Projects.html

Prevention of HIV & AIDS among female sex workers:
This project is being implemented in red light area Sargodha and Kothi khanas & mobile sex workers of Iqbal town Lahore. Through this project Lady doctor based clinics have been established at both locations to provide treatment services of STIs for sex workers. Project has specific focus to raise awareness among female sex workers regarding safer sex practices and prevention of STIs and HIV infection. (http://sheedsociety.org/Projects.html