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Crime rate and crime commission according to districts of Bangladesh

The highest crime rate (436.09 per lakh) was in Jhalakati followed by Borguna (338.60 per lakh), Brahmanbaria (321.42), Barisal (318.68 per lakh), and Dhaka (316.54), which ranked second, third, fourth and fifth respectively. This report shows that coastal and commercial areas are more crime prone. From early times Jhalakati, Borguna, and Barisal were used as the transit points of business and commerce, and navigable communication. These districts situated in the coastal areas of Bangladesh are often less or loosely supervised by the law enforcing agencies. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and most of the commercial opportunities are Dhaka based. So in the backdrop of industrialization huge numbers of people are migrated to Dhaka in search of jobs. But the burgeoning industries in Dhaka city could not provide the sufficient jobs opportunities to that large number of people resulting in serious unemployment crisis. On the other hand, livelihood is becoming expensive and complicated day by day which tends people to instigate to commit crime for earning their means of living. Some of the North Bengal’s districts like Naogaon (56.03), Kurigram (71.55), Lalmonirhat (85.44), Nilphamari (89.51), Panchaghar (94.11), Chapainawabganj (102.94), Jaipurhat (127.27), Thakurgaon(127.43), are less crime prone. This is the poorest region of Bangladesh and most citizens are migrated to different city for wage earning. They sell their labor in different factories or work as day labor. The lowest crime rate is in Naogaon (56.03 per lakh). There is an exception in the coastal region as low crime rate is in Bhola (97.09). The crime rates of six districts of Bangladesh are in 50 to 99, thirty four districts’ crime rates are between 100 to 199, nineteen districts’ crime rates are between 200 to 299, four other districts’ crime rates are between 300 to 399 and one district’s (Jhalakati, 436.09) crime rate is above 400.
source: Crime Index Bangladesh 2007