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Crime rate (based on unit of population) of Bangladesh

Crime rate of a country hinge on total population and the number of committed crime, it may so be said. A crime is expressed as the number of crime per unit of population or some other bases. In this index people belonging to the age group of 10 to 64 years have been counted as the population. Peoples of such ages are more likely to be involved in committing crime and victimization in the context of Bangladesh. In the year 2007 the population size of Bangladesh was about 13.42* corers (Population Census Report, 2001) but the present study has counted 87,019,821 (aged 10 to 64) **and the number of committed crime were 165,339. The index has taken 1 lakh as the unit of population. The calculated crime rate in Bangladesh (2007) was 190.00.