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Islam in International Relations: re-emerged or phobia?

The world system has gone through a dramatic change after the terrorist attack of 9/11 in WTC. The world system has turned toward a clashing position. Jihad and war on terror, these two terms have emerged as equally used mutually malevolent idea. Though it is said, the war on terror was launched against terrorist groups, rogue states and failed states, scholars largely view it as a conflict between of West and Muslims. Though these wars have been occurred between two unparallel powers, contention with super power and greater powers made Islamic world the hot zone of international power politics. From the beginning of 21st century the burning issues are the US-Afghanistan war, US-Iraq war, ups and downs of US-Pakistan relation, Israel- Palestine contention, Arab Spring and lastly the NATO invasion in Libya.
Besides this political issue, such continuous pressure upon Muslim societies has strengthened the sensibility of Muslims toward Muslim brotherhood. On the other hand, non Muslims suffer from Islam phobia. Also there have some valid reasons.
Through the following discussion we will try to understand whether this present situation of Muslim world implies a re-emergence or phobia