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Jihad or the Globalization of Terror?

Since September 11, the religion of Islam has made the news and is now frequently discussed. One question commonly asked is “why is this religion so violent?” To discuss this issue whether Islam is violent we need to discuss another term of this religion- ‘Jihad’, a proverbial term in present world especially after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Most of the time General Muslims are not be acquainted with the profound meaning of jihad, whereas for the non-Muslims jihad is only a violent instrument of Islamic religion.
The doctrine of jihad is not the product of a single authoritative individual or organization. It is rather the product of diverse individuals, authorities. The term is interpreted, reinterpreted and misinterpreted due to facilitate some special purposes. However to discuss the West Muslim conflict issue-The aggression of West and the Terrorism of Muslim we need to have an elaborate explanation about jihad that , what is actually it and how is it being used?The word jihad simply means to exert. Majid Khadduri, an Iraqi jurist and academician stated that, Muslim jurist have distinguished four different ways in which the believers may fulfill his jihad obligation: by his heart, his tongue, his hands and his sword.A Beirut academic Yusuf Ibish explain two types of jihad based on the Qur’an: greater and lesser jihad. “The greater jihad is fighting one’s animal tendencies. It is internal than external: striving in the path of God to overcome one’s animal side. Man shares with animals certain characteristics which, if let lose, make him a very dangerous beast. To bring these passion under control, that is what jihad means. The lesser jihad- fighting on behalf of the community, in its defense – is a duty incumbent on a Muslim provided he is attacked”. The Qur’anic explanation does not recognize inhuman, violent and offensive jihad.Hadith makes clear that war is only for defense, that innocent civilians must not be targeted, and that fire must not be used to kill. But Extremists ignore the historical and social context of hadith". Terrorism claims that hadith's restraints on violence are not true sayings of Muhammad. They says-
We don't have any kind of an official body that interprets the Qur’ran in light of hadith. People look to certain scholars or certain charismatic leaders or groups, and get interpretation from them. But there is no Vatican that can say, 'This is the official teaching. '

McAuliffe, a prominent scholar has said-
Extremists "don't let up. They are bullies. They seem to have an infinite amount of time and energy and they do not listen. They will not entertain the possibility that they might be incorrect. It's like talking to a wall."
Suicide bombers use some fragmented verses of Qur’an that have led to believe they will inherit Paradise:
Those who believe, and who have forsaken the domain of evil and have striven [jihad] hard in God's cause with their possessions and their lives have the highest rank in the sight of God; and it is they, they who shall triumph in the end! Their Sustainer gives them glad tidings of the grace that flows from Him, and of His goodly acceptance, and of the gardens which await them, full of lasting bliss, therein to abide beyond the count of time. Verily, with God is a mighty reward! [9:20-22]

The terrorists have ripped such verses out of context and failed to understand their true meaning, McAuliffe said. Passages on fighting refer to a particular war, when enemies of Islam tried to destroy the Prophet Muhammad and his followers. They do not give blanket permission to condemn or kill those who hold political or religious views other than your own.

There are plenty of Arabic words denoting armed combat, which the Qur’an could easily have used if war had been the Muslim’s principle way of engaging in its effort. Instead it chose a vaguer, richer word with a wide range of connotation, which signifies a physical moral, spiritual and intellectual effort to create a just and decent society. And obviously the war which is fought against humanity is not a Holy war or jihad.John L. Esposito sees jihad from 4 point of view-“jihad is striving to lead a good Muslim life, praying and fasting regularly, being an attentive spouse and parent, another might identify jihad as working hard to spread the message of Islam. For the third, it might be supporting the struggle of the oppressed Muslim people in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya or Kosovo. And for the final speaker, as for Osama bi Laden, jihad could mean working to over through governments in the Muslim World and attacking America.” Problem arises mainly for the final argument.

The fundamentalist obey the following types of command of Qur’an
“If you meet them in battle, inflict upon them in such a defeat as would be a lesson for those who come after them. And that they may be warmed”. (8:57)

But they might forget to recite-
“If they are inclined to peace, make peace with them and have trust in God for He hears all and knows everything ”(8:61)
The narrow and extremist interpretation of Islam and jihad is one side struggle within Islam between extremist and reasonable Muslims.
We can find out a handful number of Islamist fundamentalists or terrorists through whom the total Muslim world is represented to the West, its general people is scared by them. Political leaders use this issue as a strategy of expansion at the name of war on terror. Powerless Muslim rulers could not raise their accent about the true command of Islam. The hotheaded so called jihadists are always inhabited into the fantasy of the revival of the ‘Golden Age’ without trying to cope with the present world or without trying to offer the genuine message of Islam.