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War on Terror and US policy towards Muslim Countries

Terrorism and war on terror are the parts of discussion in international relations that cannot be overlooked. The centre of this discourse is the USA and roughly some countries of Middle East. Here the main question is why USA is so concerned to establish its ascendancy over the Muslim countries at the name of war on terror, at the same time, why the Islamist fundamentalists being an uneven power possessor are interested to contradict with USA. The reason is forever the same. USA tries to restrain its global hegemony whereas the radical Islamist fundamentalists endeavor to regain power and influence of previous Islamic Empire of Glory and superiority.
Several other components have been added also with these arguments. Now the issues of discussion are how the idea of war on terror should be defined? How America has instituted its policy of war on terror towards the Muslim world? How has the US global hegemony affected the Islamic World? How US policy towards the Islamic World may be influenced by the radical Islamic movements? And why the story of power politics has been conducting. This paper will search the answer of above mentioned questions.