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Israel Palestine Conflict and the Issue of War on Terror

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is an ongoing dispute in Middle East. The violence resulting from the conflict has prompted other security and human rights concerns for Middle east and west simultaneously. It's true that there have been many mistakes and missed opportunities on both sides throughout the years. This conflict is cyclical rather than linear - in other words, time does not necessarily bring people of Israel and Palestine closer to a solution, but peace approaches and recedes at historical junctions in the past and future - there is reason to wonder what makes this conflict unique compared to other conflicts, what causes it to persevere so zealously.
Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a question of territory, as in the case of many historical conflicts between nations, but a battle over the national identity of the entire homeland. USA since the end of the World War ll being a proven friend of Israel protects its interest considering it as the vital factor. Though it contains a small territory but its strategic importance is too high to gain the attention of the power blocks. Therefore, these factors regarding Israel- Palestine instigate USA to be involved there.