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Blood cells involved in Inflammation

Vascular endothelial cells, mast cells, and tissue macrophages platelets and leukocytes involved in inflammation. The leukocytes are actively motile cells and are of two classes:
a. Polymorphoneuclar cells (cells with many lobed. nuclei) which are subdivided into Europhiles, according to the staining properties of the granules in their cytoplasm. There are also referred to as Pgranulocytes
b. Mononuclear cells (cells with single lobed nuclei) which are
I subdivided into monocots and lymphocytes.
Mast cells are capable of secreting or generating mediators, which can modify vascular and cellular reactions and also affect some of the plasma factors. The mast cell has receptors both for a special class of antibody (Ig2) and for complements components C3a and C5a. The cell can be activate to secrete mediators by direct physical damage.