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Politics Regarding the Middle East

Beginning with world war ll, political and strategic need have caused the Western countries especially the United States to be increasingly involved in Middle East affairs. Since the end of the cold war USA has a number of primary goals which keep it involved in this region. Regarding the perpetuation of goals and interests, the West retains varied relations with the governments of Middle East countries and promotes the message of democracy selectively. United States has tried in many ways to preserve its strategic access to the Middle East.
It has tried to maintain friendly relations with Arab nations partly with those that are pro-West in outlook and policy. Being the promoter of democracy and freedom USA support the authoritarian regimes of Middle East. Most of the governments of this region have been regarded as the strategic partner in terms of international affair. Nevertheless due to the public upsurge in Middle East when the Tunisian and Egyptian president had to be extracted, the West did not hold their support toward them rigidly rather hold up the public to persist the long term interests there. At the same time, they exploited this upsurge to withdraw the anti- West government in Libya and Syria.

However the Goals of the Western countries can be summarized as follows:
• Preservation of the strategic access to Middle East.
• Preservation of control over its oil resources.
• Preservation of Israel as a free democratic nation.
These are the key factors that awakened the consciousness of Westerns in Middle East and help determine their sundry dispositions toward the countries in this region. To ensure the unanimous control over this region and protect it from the interference of any other powers like former USSR or Iran USA is always concerned.