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Social Prestige of Women in Contest of Grameen Shikkha

In patriarchal society women are considered as dependent and subordinate to men because male are the descendant of family. So the birth of a boy is a festival of joy in a family and it is prestigious. To welcome him Ajan in read with respect. But when a girl is born she is counted as a burden of family. Because father has to marriage her with dowry and she is not the income earner. Picture of most of the villages are same (Alakhuddin-2003). But time is changing now. At present girls are also considered as a subject of prestige for their father due to their merit and performance. The case study of shima in madhobpur are like this. Shima’s father hopes to send her daughter in abroad due to higher education. Father of shima is a member of patriarcal society. But his views is different. Now because of her father’s dream, views and expectation of shima has changed. Father has influenced shima so much. So, he welcome G.S scholarship He is illiterate but he gets the inspiration from his brother’s son’s and can hope because of listening from education students who have completed higher education by taking loan from G.B. Dr. Arjue is like them. She is third of seven children of their parents. Her father is a poor school teacher. Because of poor economic condition her mother was taking loan from G.B. After her getting admission in medical college her mother took loan for Arjue to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Now Arjue brings a prestige and honour, is a pride for her parents. (G.B. Shikkha barta 2006) So, it is proved that women can enhance that prestige of family, society as well as country. It a positive side of women’s development.