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Demonstration Effect of Grameen Shikkha Scholarship

By getting scholarship sonia, shima, Popi, sultana, oriva cuart to follow a role model who has proved himself as a successful person by struggling hard against poverty. These girls in madhobpur wishes to be a role model like this. Nasimuzzaman in prothom alo 2006. G.B shikkha barth 2005. His father is a teacher of madrasa. And it was difficult for him to bear the educational expenses of his three sons with his limited income. So mother Nasima Begum tries to carry a part of family cost by rearing popultry with the help of G.B loan.
After passing H.S.C examination Nasimujjaman wisher to be a doctor. But at last he has got admited in the university of Dhaka in micro-biology. As it was impossible to carry his eductional expenses any more for his parents, So he took loan from G.B and completed his MSC degree, further he went to Japan to complete his Phd. with a scholarship, later he achieved another scholarship from the university of California for post Doctorate degree and is now working in American on liver cancer. Nasimujjaman wished to become a doctor by observing other doctors in society. Here soria, sultana, Candana, Popy expect to be a teacher, banker, doctor etc by following role model like Nasimujjaman. Case Study of sonia, sultana, Popi, Chandana indicate this, by following role model like Nasimujjaman. In early time women were restricted with the four walls of a house. Marriage was consider as objective of their life. But time has been changed. Now they know that both man and women are given equal rights in the constitution of Bangladesh. Now they are encouraged by observing the higher class personality to establish themselvs. Because they belief that women are equal to men.