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Increasing the consciousness of mother by Grameen Shikkha (Rural Education)

By learning from LOEP mother are able to understand the necessity of education and encouraging their girls for higher education. The research under madhobpur shows that mothers are dropped out of education because of extreme poverty and illiteracy. They have to tolerate much torture and sufferings from their husbands.
Learning from LOEP under G.S. now women are conscious that education is necessary to build a person with humanity. to broaden out look and to be aware of human right. So mother of Chondona expresses that she will struggle hard to keep her daughters education on going. It is founded in the case study of Majeda. Again mother of Sonia thinks that though has married off her daughter but she wants her daughter to study regularly, So that she does not dependent on her husband. Case study of sonia indicate this. Education develops the consciousness of educated women. It does not distinguish between boys and girls. This evidence is seen in (Ibrahim Neelma. 1985) “Now the educated mothers of Bangladesh do not have any discrimination in the education of boys and girls. Both the children get equal facilities and encouragement to show their abilities in different fields. To day we find women in medicine, Engineering, law science, Accounting, Police and even in aviation”. By getting education Mother of chandoina and sonia wishes their daughter to be a daughter, teacher. So, Mother’s mentality, her thoughts and education helps her daughter to walk a long way in education and success of life. Subordinate position of mother dears daughter to fight against oppression.