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Scholarship Management Programme of Grameen Shikka

Logical support of Scholarship management programme Bangladesh is a poor country. Maximum people of this country live from hand to mouth. Government is trying to ensure universal primary education. At present 90% children are going to school. But at higher level drop-out rate is so high. In rural areas every year a good number of meritorious boys and girls are deprived of higher education. They are compelled to discontinue their education for lack of money and also they con not develop their skill in cultural and sport events.
Coming from impoverished families some do not even get three square meals, many do not have electricity is their homes and study by kerosene light on finish studying in the day time stationary. Some have to bear the added burden of living up stepmothers, Some are dependent on brothers and sisters like. This circumstances are difficult for them . Even though they try their best, do not continue their education.

Girls of poor family is rural Bangladesh are much neglected. Poor parents try to educate boys among their poverty but girls are always deprived. So Grameen Shikkha has created an opportunity for girl students through scholarship. They store 60% scholarship for girls. Again in 40% they give priority to girls.

Research by Grameen Shikkha has shown that there are thousands of girls and boys are deprived, despite all kinds of impediments they have great interest in getting an education and are trying to study as hard as they can so that they can lead better liver then the ones they were born. So to fulfill their wishes Grameen Shikkha has embarked upon an innovative program that would target young boys and girls to continue their education. The stipends, however normal, have provide to give them the financial support to continue their studies. The programmes main aim is to target poor, maritarious students throught scholarship. So that they can go formord through higher education and IT educationSo, Grameen Shikkha named these programe scholarship management program.

Major activities of scholarship management programme are as follows :
Ø Provide scholarship sponsored by interested persons, for poor school and college students persons, for poor school and college students in any locality chosen by the persons.
Ø Provide scholarships to poor students to prepare themselves to find admissions in higher educational institutions.
Ø Provide scholarships to poor students who are already studying in higher educational institutions.
Ø Provide financial assistance to poor youths to pursue II educations.
Ø Identify and financially support boys and girls with talents in cultural activities. (Music, drama, dance, sports, etc.)
Ø Create an opportunity for overseas Bangladeshi to contribute to the development of man power of the country or of their own villages.