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Curriculum of LOEP

A Centre run a one year course divided in 4 phases. Each phase is of one month duration containing different materials of reading, writing and numeracy.

In first phase, the system of education they arrange are familiar with the elements of education, formation of letters, words and sentences writing, judging numbers and presentation of practical subjects. This is why they make groups, elect group leader, identify problems and present in groups and judge comprehensive power of presenter.
In second phase facilitator provide books, booklet among learner women. The topic of booklet is how to remain well, thinks before to do work etc. Besides, writing letters, calculating money is also their topic of lessons. One of the main element of education is resource van called Hirmon. Educational elements of Hiramons are audio visual caste. Through the visual caste the learner can learn practically.

Third and Forth phases are so much important for total education programme.Third phase gives priority to family life. Grameen Shikkha thinks that to build a sound and complete family life LOPE plays a vital role, So they thinks that at first we should concentrate on to keep a family. That is possible when husband and wife maintain a sound relationship. So, it should do ensure equal right in family between male and female. Social and political rights must be ensure so that female are not considered negligible. To build a peaceful family life, early marriage, polygamy should be basded and children should be get well educated.