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Girls are able to continue education in shadow of Grameen Shikka

Girl students of madhobpur has developed a sense of confidence because of G.S scholarship. If their parents are unable to continue their education, they will have effort to study on there can be seen in the case of Fahima, sonia and most of them. Such examples of confidence are shown in G.S shikkha barta- 2006.
This indicates that Grameen Bank has given Grameen Bank scholarship to Farhana Ferdous because of her obtaining G.P.A 5 in S.S.C Because of poverty Farhana has to face problem to continue her education. So she in now free from tension at some extents of having G.B scholarship that is a different scholarship like G.S scholarship. If her parents are unable to maintain her educational expenses she can continue her study on because of the scholarship. In this way Fahima, sonia expect to continue their education. Because they think that this achievement is only on her. In the basis of merit they have got it. So, scholarship is an inspiration to their life. With new opportunity it grows a confidence in her mind.