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Education about economic and legal rights in Bangladesh

Because of socialization process women are forced to stay in private sphere while men are in public sphere. So men are considered as holders of economy. Womens household works remain invisible. So, to count women’s work as valuable, to establish their rights in family and to make them self independent, Education is provided to make the proper use Grameen Bank micro credit. By giving books and shouing photos it is presented to learners, how a helpless women captures success gradually through micro credit she does not stop, even facing various social bisdings, but can raises voice.
So that she has right to live by earning,. Grameen Shikkha encourages women to maintain a sound social life by earning. Grameen Shikkha encourages women to maintain a sound social life by teaching them idea of fundamental rights as well as human rights. It also traies to aware them about Nari 0 Shikkhi Nirjaton Domon Ain. Because of pariarcal society women are dominated by male, So, it is a traditional concept that women are bounded to follow the rules creating by men. Women are more victim. This oppression is so much higher for rural women because of their being uneducated. G.S. is giving education to be free from this oppression.

Because of poverty and illiteracy polygamy and divorce is a common criteria. So, registration of marriage is given importance in family count. Girls gets married with dowry by their parents. Men marriage two or more for much money. Women usually take it easy considering their as like as god. So, family court managed punishment for doury, Poligamy, divorce, early marriage etc. LOEP teaches that court arrange. Punishment for raping, kidnapping, misbehaving, acid throwing etc. Women stay at home and do not work, it is a traditional concept. Globalization wants to establish this concept widely, because women are deprived of proper wages at work ploce. Women have equal right to get equal weges for equal work. They also have their rights on the property of their husbands and dathers. These are also important part of GS dessons.