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History of writ Jurisdiction

Historically, writ originated and developed in British legal system. Initially writs were Royal prerogatives. Since only the king or queen as the fountain of justice could issue writs, they were called prerogative writs.’’ They were called prerogative writs because they were conceived as being intimately connected with the rights of the crown.’’. The king issued writs through the court of king’s Bench or the Court of Chancery. The prerogative writs were five in
number-Habeas CorpusCertiorariProhibitionMandamus and Quo-Warranto. The king issued them against his officers to compel them to exercise their functions properly or to prevent them from abusing their powers. Subjects being aggrieved by the actions of the king’s officials came to the King and appealed for redress. And the King through the above mentioned two courts issued them against his officials to give remedies to his subjects. Gradually as the government functions increased and the concept of rule of law emerged and the courts became independent, these writs came to be the prerogatives of the court instead of the King and lastly they came to be the prerogative of the people for they are now guaranteed rights in the constitutions of many countries and citizens can invoke them as of right