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Types of Descriptive Research

The main types of Descriptive Research are-
1. Case Studies:
• Case study is a detailed study about one person or unit over a considerable period of time.
• It Involves researcher to inquire deeper and examine thoroughly
• Involves taking note on how these behaviors change as the individual adapts and reacts to his environment.
• Discover and identify all the important variables which have contributed to the history or development of the subject through case studies.
2. Surveys:
Survey study includes, gathering relatively limited data from a relatively large number of cases. It involves determining information about variables rather than about individuals. Surveys are employed to measure the existing phenomenon without inquiring into why it exists.

3. Developmental Studies :
Development studies consist of reliable information that deals with the progress or stages of development of an individual. It tackles the 5 aspect of a person. Study These are-emotional, intellectual, physical, social & mental. This investigates a progression. Participants can be a homogenous or a heterogeneous group.
4. Follow – up Studies:
Follow –up studies are employed when researcher is intend to investigate the subsequent development of participants after a specified treatment or condition. Evaluation of success of a specific topic is done after that.

5. Documentary Analysis:
Study involves content analysis through gathering of information by examining records & documents.
1. Trend Analysis:
Study which seeks futures analysis. It is aimed to project demands or needs of the people in the future. Analysis involves short term and long range predictions.
7. Correlational Studies:
Correlation study is designed to help researcher to determine the extent to which different variables are related to each other. This study is done to generate or test hypothesis. The critical distinguishing characteristic of it is the effort to estimate a relationship, as distinguished from simple description.

Advantages Of Descriptive Methods:
Usefulness of this research method are-
• All the information is gathered in this method.
• Data are validated and proves its reliability.
• This method aims toward information dissemination.
• Descriptive studies are valuable in providing facts needed for planning social action programs.
• Descriptive information obtained in a research may be useful for prediction about areas of social life outside the boundaries of the research.