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Grameen Shikkha as a sister organization of Grameen Bank

Illiteracy and poverty continue to hamper the well being of most Bangladeshis especially in rural areas. Among the underprivileged most are women adolescent girls and children. Since 1976 Grameen Bank has been working towards alleviating poverty and empowering its members through its universally acclaimed micro credit programme. During this period , through its operation and experience at grassroots level G.B has come to the realization that credit when combined with education, can be more effective in reducing poverty and empowering women.

Education helps the poor acquire more information for themselves broaden their views and achieve a sense of dignity. It makes them aware of their rights and responsibilities this realization has encouraged Grameen Bank to take up a special programme for education its members and their children. It started with center schools for them under the supervision of the branch offices at grassroots levels. But the exte- tent of the programme and the huge management needed for it demanded a special institutions for its more effective operations and success. To serve this purpose Grameen Shikkha a sister organization of the Grameen Family has established in 1997. It is registered with the offices of the registrar, Joint stock companies and with the NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh Government. It’s main objectives are to promote mass education in rural areas, organise facilities for education and training, provide financial support in the form of loans and grants for the purpose of education, use information technology to bring an end to illiteratey and development of education, promote new technologies, innovate ideas and methods for development of educations, conduct research and undertake experimentation is the field of education. Special emphasis is given on educating adolescent girls, women’s and children in rural areas of Bangladesh.

The ultimate goal is to spread education for the development of society in general and for improvement of life standards of poor women and children in particular, and thus creation a society free of illiteracy and poverty.

Grameen Shikkha is conducting the following education programme.
v Scholarship management programme: this programme is for adolescent girls and boys who are in great danger for poverty but trying to continue their education.
v Life oriented Education programme: This is for poor rural and illiterate rural women to improve the quality of life.
v Early Childhood Development: It is concerned with the physical and intellectual development of five years olds.
v Early Childhood Care and Development: parents are given education about care giving to children aged 0 to 3 years.
Non formal education for slums children: people of slums are most neglected members of society. And run the risk of being exposed to various social and economic hazards. In this program students are taught elementary lessons in native language, simple mathematics, environment and social responsibilities