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Age of Crime in Bangladesh

Age seems to be an important correlate of offending. As discussed above, surveys of young people have indicated that criminal acts are relatively common amongst this group. Generally offending commences in adolescence, rises steadily and peaks around the age of 18, falling sharply thereafter. However, there are marked variations if different types of crime are accounted for. Property-related crimes such as theft follow the pattern just described whereas crimes like fraud and embezzlement are for more likely to be committed by older adults. This mainly reflects a difference in opportunity since teenagers and young adults are far less likely to find themselves in a position to commit offences like embezzlement. Explanations of the age distribution of crime draw on both biological and social perspectives. For example, violent offending in males may correlate with testosterone level, which peak at around 18 years of age. Testosterone has been shown to exert an influence on aggression. The decline in property offending after the age of 21 could be explained in terms of individuals “settling down” and entering stable relationships and employment.