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Factors of crime in Bangladesh

There are six main factors of crime in Bangladesh, which include economic factor, cultural factor, political factor, social factor, geographical factor, and religious factor. Detail of each factor has been narrated below:

Economic factor
Bangladesh is a country of third world. A big portion of its inhabitants live under the line of poverty. Around ten percent of the total population owns about ninety percent wealth of the country. Presently per capita income is about US$ 550. Unplanned urbanization and industrialization create concentration of wealth. The entire commercial and trade related financial transactions tend to few billions.
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh becomes highly dense with population where people go for hunting job. It impacts badly on other part of the country especially the northern part. Moreover, 10.84 percent inflation is there which causes a heavy price hike of essential consumers’ items like oil, food as well as housing. Hunger and poverty are very usual phenomenon of the country. Poor people want to survive by any means whether it is good or bad. Thus crime occurs as a negative impact of poverty in Bangladesh.

Cultural factor
Though maximum people of Bangladesh are Muslim (about 80 percent), there are various religious and aborigines groups in Bangladesh like Hindu, Buddhists, Christians, Garo, Chakma, Marma, Mong, Murong etc. Each group leads different culture, tradition and life style. Some religious and aborigine groups drink alcohol during their festivals which is strictly prohibited by the Bangladesh state law. Moreover, the white collar crime and corruption has also been accepted as a culture of the society. Each and every sector, government or nongovernment, is affected with corruption. And everybody thinks that without bribe nothing is going to take place as these days nobody even thinks it as a crime. So, culture or tradition is a stimulant factor of crime.

Political factor
Bangladesh has a bipolar political system. Politics is controlled by two main political parties- Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Awami League (AL). People of a democratic country like Bangladesh, elect one of them in each term usually. Therefore, these two parties got the impression that whatever they do; they are going to be elected again. And that is why now they are playing with the people of Bangladesh and with their emotions. Many of the politicians are corrupted and inefficient. Their bad political steps, programs and issues are not supported by the illiterate and needy mass people of Bangladesh. Politicians go for Hartal, strike, destroying state wealth, arms and explosive dealings, illegal power exercise, tender tempering, extortion, drug trafficking, etc. by using the needy people of Bangladesh. They do not bother about the law enforcement agency because they are much powerful than them. Thus, politics is another important factor of crime in Bangladesh.

Social factor
As the political system, the economic distribution is also going to be bipolar. Most of the people of the society are divided into two groups- rich and poor. Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. It is causing increased difference between rich and poor. Social bonding system is being fragile. Moreover, the agents of socialization process are not working well. Family control and parental supervision to the children is becoming lower and lower because of the alarming rate of broken family. Higher class people are taking drug like Yaba as fashion which creates a bad impact on their children. Quality of life is very low especially in the slum areas. Thus mostly serious crime occurs in the slum areas. Unemployment is another socio-economic factor which causes poverty and stimulant to crime. So, there are many social factors which entail crime in Bangladesh.

Geographical factor
Bangladesh is a land of river. In every rainy season, all the rivers are over flooded crossing the danger zone. In most of the years, heavy flood occurs in the country in the wet season. It impacts the socio-economic sector badly. Likewise, in dry season when Bangladesh needs water very badly, does not get enough water through its major rivers - the Padma, Meghna and Jamuna for irrigation purposes because the neighbouring country obstructed our river flows. It affects country’s agriculture very badly. Moreover, the environment of Bangladesh is very dry and hot. Research finding shows that people of hot area tend to commit more crime than the people of cold area. That is another important factor responsible for increased number of crime in Bangladesh.

Religious factor
People of Bangladesh are religious minded. Mostly they are illiterate but very keen to abide by religious norms. By misusing that belief some deviants like Jamatul Mujahideen, Bangladesh (JMB), Harkatul Jihad (HUJI), etc, are committing crime to serve their unlawful political aims. They committed offense like bomb blast in 63 districts out of 64 simultaneously. They misguided the illiterate, religiously blind Bangladeshis by giving them understanding that jihad is the only way to reach to the heaven. And fighting against the democratic state system is called by them jihad. Thus, they do the brain wash of the innocent people by misusing religious emotion and sentiments. Moreover, some Fatoabaz give statement against women empowerment and freedom which is also another kind of their anti-people attempt. So, misuse of religious sentiment is another important factor for committing crime by them in Bangladesh.