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Educational in Social Structure

A section in previous chapter described how education may be looked upon as one of the institution in society, which comprises its social structure. In analyzing the social structure we look for the ways in which institutions support and influence each other. Each institution has to adapt itself to the requirements of its own environments.
The Institution of Education:
¨ Has problems a adoption to its own environment
¨ It also has problems of integrating its own personnel its social life
imposes cognitive, cathetic and evaluative requirements upon the members.
The Child:
1) is a product of experience in the different groups within which he is being socialize
2) Has to adapt to the demands of the education system.

We can regroup these elements by looking outwards from our foci to their environments the institution has an environment, which interacts with it. Administrative, economic, social class, etc. patterns or behavior and values necessarily influence the aims and methods adopted by its personnel.
Finally, the professional leader and the educational administrator will hold views of what they are, what they can do and what they ought to try to do which are derived from ideologies in the wider society as well as experiences in the school system. At the same time society actively tries to influence the patterns of interaction in the school through socialization of teacher, by administrative intervention and through “public opinion” pressure at national or community level.