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Definition of Survey Research Method

Survey means “to look or see over or beyond”. In social sciences, it refers to the technique of collection of data through interview, questionnaire, secondary sources in the light of a specific research objective. Mark Abrams defines survey as “a process by which quantitative facts are collected about the social aspects of a community position and activities”. It is probably the best method available to the social scientist interested in collecting original data for purposes of describing a population which is too large to observe directly. Surveys could be very well used for descriptive, explanatory and exploratory researches.
According to Goode and Scale
The social survey is a cooperative understandingthat applies research techniques to the study and diagnosis of current social problem situation or population within definite geographical limits and bearing usually with a concern for formulation of constructive programme of social reform and amelioration.

According to E W Burgress
A social survey is the scientific study of condition and needs of a community for the purpose of presenting a constructive programme of social advance.

According to Mark Abram
Survey is a process by which quantative facts are collected about the social aspect of the community composition and activities.