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Features of Branch Banking

The characteristics or features of a branch bank are given as follows:
  1. Central Office: In branch banking system there is a central office which controls the branches.
  2. Branch office: There may be branches in countrywide or in abroad. The number of branches is depending on the ability and principles of the bank.
  3. Ownership: Generally such types of banks are owned by govt. or non govt. companies.
  4. Capital: Generally its capital is too high. Now the scheduled bank has to maintain 100 crore taka as paid up capital.
  5. Legal entity: As it is established by banking company act 1991, so it has legal entity.
  6. Determining policy: All policies are determined by the central office.
  7. Direction: Branch banks go on its activities according to the direction of central office.
  8. Deposits: Its deposited amount is high because it collects deposit from various part of the country.
  9. Space of operation: It continues its operation through the whole country.
  10. Providing loan: As it has many branches so it can provide a huge amount of loan. Observing from different aspects it can say that branch bank is wider than unit bank.