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I do not expect any rehabilitation- A case study of a Sex worker in Dhaka City

XX is thirty. She is divorced and mother of a ten years old son. XX was born at Dinajpur district, northern part of Bangladesh. Her husband divorced her seven years back. XX has studied up to primary level. XX’s son works in a chocolate factory. She along with her son resides in . Her son does not know about her profession of brothel. XX said that five years back she used to work in a rice mill and worked there also on overtimes. One night she was called by the manager to his room to collect her wage and going there she found that the manager locked the door and proposed her to entertain him.
XX refused to do so and the manager ignoring her refusal raped her. She was mentally broken by that incident and from then she joined this profession out of anger. XX’s father and mother are alive and they also do not know about her profession. She helps her parents financially. She earns 100-200 Taka daily and spends almost all amounts behind her daily needs of foods and transports. She saves the money that her son earns for his future. She got her son admitted to a school but he is not eager to study there and works in a factory. She comes every night to x and y area to sell her body. According to her estimation she said that, her clients are students, service holders, rickshaw pullers, and bus and truck drivers. The local duty police and terrorists sometime harass her and demand free service. She tells all clients to use condoms to avoid STD’s and HIV/ AIDS. She had participated in STD awareness workshop and has good knowledge on that. She entertains 4-5 clients daily. She did not expect any rehabilitation program for them from government or any NGO’s