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Present Situation of Health Services in Bangladesh

Govt. Sector:
The services rendered by the government through the government hospital are far away from the rural poor people. They can not avail the services from the hospital for the corruption of health sectors. In resent time there are 92010 registered doctors in Bangladesh. The ratio of doctor: population is 7:3950. The registered nurses are 22000. There are 280 Govt. hospital in Bangladesh.
Private Sector
They private services to the people. The equipment of govt. hospital are shortage then the necessity of the people the private sector in health is generate understood to refer to private, for-profit medically trained providers. The private sectors provide ancillary services such as diagnostic centers, ambulance services and pharmacies. According to the Director General of Health service source, the total number of registered physicians in Bangladesh is 33.38 However the number of private practitioners registered with the Bangladesh private medical practitioners Association is 10529 and that with the government is around 9000. According to the Bangladesh private Medical practitioners Association, except 9000 government doctors the nest 24326 doctors are either private practitioners serving in non-governmental facilities.