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Existence of strong and constructive opposition for Democracy

The successful working of democracy warrants existence of strong and effective oppositions. There is saying that ‘ If there is no opposition, there is no democracy’. In a democracy difference in views is not only tolerated but it is encouraged, because constructive criticism has an important place in a democracy. For this reason, many parties crop up in a democratic set-up.
In the countries where there is only one party, and where other parties are banned democracy cannot develop, only dictatorship develops there. It happened in Germany during the period of Hitler and in Italy during the regime of Mussolini. Now-a-days, this type of dictatorship is found in Russia, China, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria and Poland. In order to make democracy a success, a healthy and influential opposition is a must; otherwise the ruling party will become an autocrat after winning the elections. The Opposition keeps a check on the autocratic activities of ministers. Without it, there is every likelihood of their being power-corrupt.