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Scope of Medical Social Work in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the department of social service operates hospital social service programs. There are many scope of medical social work in our country. Now we can discuss about the scope – „ Bangladesh Constitution:
Two articles are playing role in medical social work such as –
15(a) – The provision of the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care.
18(a) – The state shall regard the raising of the level of nutrition and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties and in particular shall adopt effective measures to prevent the consumption, except for medical purposes on for such other purposes as may be preseribed by law, of alcoholic and other intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injuries to health.
Follow these articles the Government formulate Health Policy. They includes Medical social work in this policies. Government budget in Health Sector is also maintain the Medical social work.

„ Hospital Social Service:
The hospital social service programs is directed by the department of social service. There are many activities of hospital social service department like –
  •   To introduce the patient with hospital environment.
  •   Supply Medicine, food and other Medical support to the poor.
  •   To rehabilitate the destitute and unknown patient.
Medical and Health Care Setting:
Social work practice in health care can no Longer be viewed as specialized practice within an acute hospital. Rather it becomes an approach that fully integrates micro and macro services that transcends setting. Social work in health, therefore, requires the delivery of broad based social health services to individuals, families and population within a range of settings, such as schools, work place and community social health agencies to promote social well being.

„ Professional Schools:
In school of public health and community clinics are practices Medical social work. Medical social workers are playing role in this school to help the patient to provide information about doctor and nurses training about health education, relationship build up between patient and doctors.

„Provide Health Education:
Medical social workers provide health education. They educate the people about – Nutrition, family planning, Immunization, disease Maternal and child health.

„ Counseling Services:
Counseling is a great scope for medical social work. Medical social workers provide counseling support who are affected in acid victim, rape victim and trauma victim.