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Free and fair periodical election for Democracy

Free and fair election both at national and local level is one of the prerequisites for the successful working of democracy as well as good governance. ‘Governance by the representatives of people can not be effective unless these representatives are truly elected, reflecting wishes of the people’.[1] If the election itself is not fair, the authority of the representatives will always be questioned which will weaken the government. As David Beetham observes ‘traditionally, elections are
considered to be one of the instruments of democratic governance as they empower the voters for making choice of leadership.’[2]Election facilitates the mass participation in politics and thereby in the states policy-making process. Election also makes the government accountable and responsive to the needs and expectations of the people. Because the party in power has to think that after end of its tenure they would find themselves out of power and would has to go to the electorates for votes in the election. That’s why, they pay attention to the material welfare of its citizens while in power. But for having the practice of democratic governance this election must be held in free and fair atmosphere. In the democratic country, the Election Commission is assigned the task of holding the election freely and fairly. To that end, the Election Commission has to be independent enough so that it could discharge its duties properly without the executive and legislative intervention.

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