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Goal and Objectives of SWOP

To assist the ADPS and Special Projects of WVB to ensure curative Health Services by coordinating and implementing Secondary and Tertiary level of Treatments of the patients for improving the health status of the community of the respective ADPS/Projects

Broad objectives
• To Coordinate and facilitate Secondary and Tertiary medical treatments and follow up services for 1200 reported patients of all ADPS/projects of World Vision Bangladesh (WVB) in consultation with the medical experts for the Sponsored, non sponsored Children and their family members to be refer from ADP/Projects of World Vision Bangladesh.

Specific objectives
• To arrange short-term accommodation with regular diet/food and other necessary services related to their treatments during their staying at the hostel.
• To arrange necessary medicine supports for the patients as per the advice of the physicians in regards of their treatments.
• To arrange hospitalization of the patients for treatments as per advises of the physicians and assist necessary supports during their treatments in the hospitals/clinics.
• To initiate to getting acquaintance of the SWOP activities with the newly formed ADPs to ensure smooth services.