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Strategies of SWOP in providing services

  • We register the patients names with other information & case history in our record Books/files;
  • „ Arrange accommodations in the SWOP Hostel as long as they need to stay for their diagnosis and Treatment purposes;
  • „ The concerned Child Care Officers consult/liaise with appropriate Physicians/Hospitals/Clinics/Chambers and make appointment with them;
  • „ Attend the Physicians/hospitals/Clinics with the patients as and when required;
  • „ Arrange all necessary Pathological tests/diagnosis as per the Physicians advices;
  • „ Collect all reports and document from the pathological clinics/diagnostic centers;
  • „ Consult with doctors and have necessary treatment schedules and advices from doctors;
  • „ Procure all prescribed medicines and other necessary treatment Aids for the respective patients;
  • „ Brief the patients and their appropriate attendants regarding the medicines and other therapies and cares. Maintain up visits schedule/treatments that are suggested by the Physicians;
  • „ Ensure special attention to the critically ill patients;
  • „ Take necessary arrangements for admitting the patients to the Hospitals/Clinics/institutions as per the advices of the concerned physicians;
  • „ Visit, follow up and facilitate all necessary support to the patients are under treatment in different Hospitals/Clinics;
  • „ Arrange all necessary supplies for Surgical operation cases;
  • „ Receive all released patients from the Hospitals/Clinics and arrange to send back to the respective ADPs with necessary medicines and instructions that are usually asked/suggested by the Doctors;
  • „ Maintain all necessary records/document/files for future references;