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Distinguish Unit bank Vs Branch Bank

The bank is a financial institution which is dealer of money and loan. Unit bank and branch bank are two forms of it. But they have some differences. These are as follows-

Unit Bank
Branch Bank
 It can be formed easily.
1. Formation
The formation process of branch bank is very complex.
 It is generally a sole proprietorship organization
2. Ownership
It is treated as a company organization.
The scale of operation is too small.
3. Scale of operation
The scale of operation is very wide.
Its liability is unlimited
4. Liability
Its liability is small or limited.
 Its scope of service is small.
5. Service
Its scope of service is large.
It is involved with minimum expenses per annum.
6. Expense.
It is involved with high expenses per annum.
It provides less opportunity for employment.
7. Employment
It provides high opportunity for employment.
It holds smaller amount of liquidity.
8. liquidity
It holds huge amount of liquidity.
The amount of deposit is small
9. Deposit
The amount of deposit is large.
Its run the business with small amount of capital
10. Capital
Its run the business with huge amount of capital.
 It can provide small amount of loan
11.Loan providing
It can provide huge amount
of loan
The type of management is simple
12. Management
The type of management is complex.
It gains smaller amount of profit per year.
13. Profit
It gains higher amount of profit per year.
Its scope is in a certain area
14. Scope
Its scope is in the whole country.
It can not transfer money without the help of other.
15. Money transfer.
It can transfer money through its branches.
Don’t maintain relation to central bank.
16. Relation to central bank.
Must have to maintain a good relation with central bank.
Dissolution is caused by the wish of the owner of the bank
17. Desolation
By proper cause and by law its dissolution is performed.