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Definition of Branch bank

Branch banking is a system where a bank with a network of branches throughout the country carries out its banking operations. Sometimes branches are also opened outside the country. However, small banks may like to restrict their branches or offices to a certain region of the country.
Branch banking is a popular system of banking in the subcontinent as well as many other countries of Asia and Africa. It is originated from United Kingdom.
According to M. C. Vaish. “The branch banking system is a system that a single bank operates in the country through a country wide network of branches.”
According to P.S. Rose, “Banks that sell their services through multiple offices are called branch banking.”
From the above discussion it can be said that branch banking is a system of banking where a bank having a head office operates through a network of branches throughout the country and abroad. No banking activity is performed by the head office. Branches are managed by managers appointed for the purpose by the head office of the bank. Head office provides guidelines or manual to the branches within which branches conduct day-to-day business.