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Concept of Field Practicum

The pattern of social work education, of which field work is an integral part, in our country is in most part borrowed from the west. Field work is essential relating to the existing conditions at the agency level- its policies and programs, its resources, personnel, the supervisory practices etc. It is considered to be an integral part of social work education. In this process we get opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and techniques in the field to meet the social problems. Here some definitions may be cited given by different scholars.

v Momon, M.A(1996:01)has said that,
It is also considered as a critical component at social work education and it is in the field that anatomic knowledge, value ether and shills are integrated with real world experience
v M.A. Momen (1996)
'Field work programme is designed to help and guide a student to develop his skill and competence, independent professional functioning and carrying out appropriate responsibilities".
v According to International Encyclopedia of Social Science (Vol.-5, 1968:418):
"Field work comes to mean learning as do as possible to speak, think, see, feel and act as a member of its culture and at the same time as a trained social scientist from a different culture."
v According to Fieldwork Manual (1970) -defines Field work thus, The objective of field work programs in social work education is to provide the student with actual experience in applying social work methods and enable him/her to become familiar with real work of practice, that is, to relate academic theory to concrete reality as found in the agency setting.
v 'According to R.R. Singh (1985:54) :
"Field work is an educationally sponsored attachment of social work students to an institution, agency or a section of community, in which they are helped to extend their knowledge and understanding, and experience the impact of human needs."
v In Oxford Advance learners Dictionary (2002:493) state that,
Field work is "research or study that is done in the real world rather than in classroom or laboratory"