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Background of Social Welfare Outreach Project

Social Welfare Outreach Project (SWOP) is a special Health Care Project of World Vision Bangladesh. This project started in May 1985 with a view to provide secondary and Tertiary medical assistance to the children and adults of the WVB projects with preference to the Sponsored children who are medically and physically handicapped.

In rural areas in Bangladesh a huge number of people are medically and physically handicapped due to malnutrition and other serious illness. Majority of them are children for whom very little efforts are being made for health care and treatments. World Vision has a special commitment to meet the medical needs of the sponsored children and poor peoples in its program areas. The SWOP takes appropriate response to these coordinating with available in-country medical facilities. As such the project facilitates to ensure medical treatments of the patients usually refer by the respective ADPs and projects. The Social Welfare Outreach Project provides services to 1000-1200 patients every year. SWOP rendered its services to more than 20,500 patients since its inception.

The Project is being managed by the cost recovery funds with the outside financial supports from the financial year 2008. The WV HKG funded the Project since its inception that ended in FY’ 07