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Recommendation to Overcome From Obstacles for SWOP

    • To ensure sustainability of the SWOP.
    • To ensure proper fund / donors for SWOP
    • To ensure the residential nurses for the welfare of the patient.
    • Establish hostel facilities for the patients more than one attendant.
    • Increase health facilitator and ambulance services for the patient.
    • Make health awareness among the patient.
    • Ensure good relationships with renewed Medical specialists, experts, Hospitals, clinics and pathological / Diagnostic centers.
      The Bangladesh people are still reluctant in their health and health care due to their unawareness and extreme poverty. They feel fear to go to the doctor thinking of high cost. In this situation, Social Welfare Outreach Project play pivotal role for the poor patient in our country. In spite of some limitations it has gained a great success in medical sector.