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* Contact Doctors/Clinics/Hospitals for facilitating necessary Diagnosis/Investigations and Medical Treatments and follow up for referral patients coming from ADPs.
* Arrange short-term accommodation with appropriate diet/food and serve with other necessary services during their stay at SWOP Hostel.
* Arrange Pathological Investigations, Medicine support, appropriate diet/food and other necessary services for the patients who are under treatments in different clinics/ Hospitals. * To Conduct special counseling and visit the patients on a regular basis who are under treatment in different Hospitals/Clinics.
* Conduct Health Education sessions for the patients and as well as their attendants who are staying at the hostel.
* Arrange recreation programs such as Indoor Games, Art, reading Books and watching Television for the patients at the hostel.
* Maintain close contact/Liaison with ADPs/Projects regarding treatment and progress of the patients
* Maintain patients register and document all necessary papers regarding treatment and diagnosis of each patient
* Continue and maintain follow up treatment procedures
* Send back the patients to respective ADPs with necessary advices/instructions
* Arrange regular Morning devotions and conduct special prayers for the critically sick patients