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Concept of Social Work

Social work is one of the applied and recent branch of knowledge which deals with the scientific solution and treatment of the psycho-social problems. Social work as a profession seeks to enhance the social functioning of individuals, singly and in groups. By resorting various types of activities it focus upon their social relationships which constitute the interaction between man and his environment. (Ray, 2009-10) Some scholars have ventured to find their own definitions regarding the term social work. Some of definitions may be cited here, v Friedlander, W.A and Apte, R.Z (1997) define,
"Social work is a professional service, based upon scientific knowledge and skill in human relations which assists individuals alone or groups to obtain social and personal satisfaction and independence".
v P.H.H. stroup (cited in Roy 2010) has said that,
"Social work is the art of bringing various resources to bear on individual, group and community needs by the application of a scientific method of helping people to help themselves".

So Social work aims at creating conditions for the individuals and groups under which they are able to utilize their potentialities to the maximum extent. It also aims to make use of existing resources to remove some of handicaps and to overcome them by proper adjustment.